1st generation Pod-device VAPE bundles

Shop the most popular vaping series. RELX Classic Device, VEEX V1 Device are our first generation classic vaping devices, with smooth and tasty experience. All Classic RELX and VEEX pods and devices are compatible with each other. Check out our hand selected vape bundles curated for every generation. 

Our Pod-Device Bundles include everything you need for vaping. No barrier to start! 

Pod bundles compatible with Classic Series 

RELX Classic Pods and VEEX V1 Pods are all compatible with above devices.

VEEX V1 Pods feature 2 coil options. Ceramic Coil Pods provide a more consistent vaping experience, working well with fresh flavors. Cotton Coil Pods provide multiple-layer flavor vaping experience, each puff delivering different taste. For more details, check out our vaping blog: Understanding Atomizers: Cotton vs Ceramic 


4Th & 5th generations pod-device bundles

Shop our latest series! RELX Essential / Infinity / Phantom Device, VEEX V4 Device are our latest vaping devices, with stylish design and intuitive pod connection. All 4TH and 5TH RELX, VEEX, SOML pods and devices are compatible with each other.

For more details of RELX 4th generation devices, check out our RELX Infinity VS. Essential Review on YouTube.

For more details of RELX Phantom, check out our RELX Phantom Unboxing & Review on YouTube.

pod bundles compatible with 4Th & 5th generations

RELX Infinity / Phantom Pods, VEEX V4 Pods, and SOML Pods are all compatible with above devices. Shop the new value sets from your favorite brand and flavor!