LOMO FINE C4000: The First-Ever Ceramic Coil Disposable Vape

For the first time, there is a disposable nicotine vape with ceramic coil technology. Introducing the LOMO FINE C4000.

This nifty disposable vape provides 25% more puffs than competitor brands, it has a much smoother vaping experience and the flavor consistency has been increased by 95%. And the LOMO FINE C4000 is packed with 4,000 puffs.

All of this is possible with the addition of the ceramic coil.

What is so great about the Ceramic Coil Work?

Ceramic coils, as the name suggests, use ceramics to increase longevity and defend against issues like metal oxidation in your vape. 

Ceramic coils absorb your e-liquid, which is then heated to create vapor, thanks to their porous nature. This is why ceramic coils produce better flavor than regular coils.

Better Tasting

Ceramic coals take longer to heat than other coils like quartz coils, but they are known for their excellent heat retention. This factor has increased LOMO FINE C4000’s heating efficiency by 30%, making the heating more uniform. Resulting in a more consistent taste throughout the vape’s lifecycle. 

Smooth Vaping Experience

But the most important benefit of ceramic coil technology is that it produces the purest vapor flavor available today. 

Design of the LOMO FINE C4000

Finished with a scratch-resistance surface, and a well-designed ceramic coil from the FEELM TEC, LOMO’s latest new disposable is born to bring you a higher level of vaping experience.

The LOMO FINE C4000 comes in 12 fruity flavors. Each vape has its own unique color. The pod uses a transparent design so that you can check how much e-liquid is left. This prevents you from throwing a disposable away with juice left in the tank. 

There is also a cool LED light at the bottom of the pod that lights up when you are vaping, giving you your own unique style. 

LOMO FINE C4000 Specs

  • 4,000 puffs
  • Battery: 950mAh
  • E-Liquid: 5mL
  • Nicotine: 50mg/mL

The LOMO FINE C4000 is a versatile disposable vape pod, all thanks to the ceramic heating coil. This new technology, the first of its kind in a disposable vape, makes your vaping experience longer, better tasting, and more enjoyable. 

If you want to give the LOMO FINE C4000 a test drive, purchase it today at KissyVape.com.