Best Vape Flavors Available Today!

Best Vape Flavors Available Today!

Vape flavors set your favorite juice apart. But what flavors really are the best to try? Here are some of our top picks from your favorite experts at Kissy Vape.

Candy Vape Flavors vs Fruity Vape Flavors

There’s a distinct, candy-like taste to some vape flavors that are intended to be fruity, while others can have a strictly fruity flavor. For example, one of the most popular is watermelon.


Probably one of the biggest fan favorites, watermon is usually a blast of semi-sweet goodness that’s the perfect amount of flavor to not overwhelm the senses. There are some instances where this flavor just takes exactly like watermelon. However, there are other cases where it can go for a more candy-like flavor that’s equally delicious. Depending on your preference, you can find one of either category to suit your needs.


Strawberry can be a mixed bag in the flavor you get, but at it’s best? You can rarely top it. Finding that perfect balance of sweet flavors that aren’t too over the top can really make your vape juice flavor pop. Although, you should be mindful that it’s hard to get this flavor completely on its own in some cases. Usually, you’ll find this in a mix, like strawberry banana or strawberry mango.


For those looking for a more tart, extreme experience, lemon is the flavor for you. Get a bit more of that kick you’re looking for with lemon vape juice.

Dessert Flavors

These are a ton of fun to get into if you have a bit of a sweet tooth. Birthday cake, donuts, ice cream, you can find them all. These flavors have a bit more complexity to them than the usual fruity flavors or candy flavors. For example a pancakes and ice cream flavor is going to cary sweeter undertones but still have a sense of savory aftertaste to them.

You should definitely consider experimenting more with these flavors if you’re going for a more exciting experience with vaping. They’re great for post meal, end of the day relaxation to cleanse your palette of other more common flavors as well.

Drink Flavors

Drink flavors are similarly complex, but can get a bit of everything in the other categories. Candies, alocholic drinks, chocolate cake milkshakes, drink flavors have it all. For the highest versatility and most unique flavors, drink flavors are your best bet.

Check out our flavors today to find the next perfect additon to your collection of vape flavors today. Additionally, feel free to take a look at our current sales going on here!


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