What’re the Differences Between RELX 1st to 5th Gen?

What’re the Differences Between RELX 1st to 5th Gen?

RELX’s products have reached the fifth generation. Many RELXers may be confused about the difference between the latest generation and the existing series, and new vapers also struggle with how to choose. This blog will summarize RELX Classic, Infinity, Essential and Phantom’s respective advantages/disadvantages and differences. 


If you prefer minimalist appearance design and like trying new pod flavors, go for RELX Classic.

If you need an entry-level device at an affordable price, go for RELX Essential.

If you always go out and need portable charging, go for RELX Infinity.

If you pursue the most smooth vaping experience, go for RELX Phantom.

The 1st Generation – RELX Classic

RELX Classic features a buttonless design and magnetic suction technology. As the most popular and time-tested device, has a minimalist appearance design and has the most pod flavors to choose from different brands.


  • The vape material: the use of high strength, good resistance to aluminum alloy material, weight only 17g.
  • The mouthpiece material: PCTG from United States Eastman Company, mostly used for aviation cups, milk bottles, etc.. , which is high temperature resistance and will not release toxic substances.
  • Coil: FEELM ceramic coil from Seymour, soft and smooth with the capacity of 2ml.


  • The surface of the vape is smooth, easy to fall and lose
  • Micro USB charging port
  • Straight flue design, easy to overflow condensate
  • Insufficient technological sense and user interaction experience (no battery reminder, vibration, Bluetooth and other functions)


The 4th Generation – RELX Infinity

RELX Infinity is produced more like an enhanced version of the Classic, cost-effective and certainly has a lot of bright improvements! Infinity is also one of the top-selling products of RELX.


  • Frosted and rounded appearance, small and attractive. 
  • Extra-long labyrinth airway, super anti-leakage and condensation. The taste is more comfortable and full-bodied, which is better than the previous generation
  • 15 puffs vibration reminder; Type-c charging port; Power reminder
  • Compatible with Infinity charging case 1000mAh and 1500mAh. It is like a storage box plus powerbank, can be charged 3-4 times, great partner when you go out.


  • The body paint is thin, prone to wear and paint


RELX Essential

Essential is our entry-point tool that provides all you require in a vape pen at a budget-friendly cost. For users that are not looking for the included functions of additional battery life or a SmartPace Alert system,  then the Essential is a perfect solution. As the name implies, everything you need comes packed into this one device. It’s ideal for every user’s daily vaping sessions.

When it comes to the total design, Essential is sleek, stylish as well as easy to use. The balanced cases make it very easy to change out in seconds. And, if you’re ever running low on power, the sign light comfortably allows you recognize when it’s time to recharge. All facets of RELX Essential were developed to supply an instinctive experience, a Super Smooth ™ mouthfeel and everyday integrity. 


The 5th Generation – RELX Phantom

RELX Phantom still uses RELX’s labyrinth airway, an 11-layer labyrinth structure, which blocks condensate, ventilates and isolates liquid, and further independently isolates and finely control the air exchange and pressure compensation modules in the atomizer pods. 

After undergoing brutal negative pressure and thermal shock tests, the Phantom’s  liquid leakage prevention capability has increased by 40% compared to previous products. In order to have a stable, soft and smooth experience, RELX designed the air passage for air transmission through liquid mechanics and dynamic analysis. 


  • Upgraded in 10 aspects such as liquid leakage prevention, suction experience, product safety, service life, vaping feel, etc.
  • Power visualization: reduce the “power unknown anxiety”
  • Atomization: the power of RELX Phantom is greater than Infinity, the clouds are bigger, the resistance is smaller, and the throat hit is weaker
  • Battery: 380mAh. The Phantom battery capacity increased by 9%.
  • Charging: TYPE-C charging interface, charging efficiency increased by 31%.
  • Pods: Phantom pods and Infinity pods are universal.


  • No flavor indication on the pods
  • There is a small gap between the pods and device
  • Phantom consumes more liquid
  • Do not support wireless charging.