RELX Infinity vs Essential

Infinity vs. Essential: Two Shapes, One Smooth Experience

In July 2020, RELX launched the RELX Infinity, which received a Red Dot Design award for it is prestigious design. Many of the great features of RELX Infinity can be found in the new RELX Essential device.

How the Essential Compares to the Infinity

The RELX Essential and RELX Infinity devices have a lot of similarities. For example, they both: 

  • Are compatible with the RELX Pods Pro
  • Offer Super Smooth™ Performance
  • Feature a leak-resistant maze for enhanced protection
  • Charge via a USB-C charging cable
  • Feature a design with symmetrical pods

The key differences between RELX Infinity and Essential are the charging options, design and battery life. 

Here are some standout features for Infinity:

An Award-Winning Design

While the Essential has a comfortable design, the Infinity offers a truly enhanced experience. 

The Infinity is exceptionally slim and sleek, making transport and use incredibly easy for vapers. 

If you need further proof of the greatness of Infinity’s design, it won the Red Dot Award in 2020. This prestigious German award recognizes the most innovative products every year. It takes applications from over 60 countries, and it’s one of the top four design awards in the world. 

A Charging Case

If you thought the Essential’s charging capabilities were convenient, you’re in for a treat with the Infinity. This advanced vape device is complemented with its very own handy charging case (sold separately).

It’s not bulky, so you can slide it into your pocket or backpack as easily as you could with the device. 

If you don’t have the case on you, you can also use the USB-C charging cable to charge your vape device. 

The Smart Pace Vibration Alert 

The Smart Pace Vibration Alert will alert you with a subtle vibration when you take 15 puffs within a 15-minute timeframe. This helpful reminder is perfect for new vapers, as it can help them keep track of their usage habits. It can also benefit seasoned vapers and help them break old patterns.

The reminder is a subtle vibration, so it won’t be noisy or intrusive. If you choose to, you can ignore it and continue using the device as usual. 

Increased Battery Capacity

The Essential has a battery capacity of 350mAh, while the Infinity has a battery capacity of 380mAh. The Infinity’s higher battery capacity will allow it to last even longer than the Essential. 

The Choice Is Yours!

Both the RELX Essential and Infinity deliver our Super Smooth™ performance standard and use our RELX Pod Pro. They are all solid choices for vaping enthusiasts. 

However, Essential is our entry-point device that provides all you need in a vape pen at an affordable price. For users who are not looking for the added features of extra battery life, or a SmartPace Alert system, then the Essential is a perfect solution.

Many users have opted for the Essential because of its lower price tag and inclusion of vital features. It has all the basics needed to provide you with a great vaping experience. 

Use this guide to help you determine which one is right for you and make your purchase today! 

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